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Custom Boxes Lab

A leading name in the custom packaging industry in the United States, Custom Boxes Lab stands as a testament to innovation and creativity. With an unwavering commitment to redefining the art of packaging, Custom Boxes Lab has proven itself as a leader in providing custom packaging solutions that transcend traditional boundaries of design and functionality. Over the years, our company has played a key role in shaping the future of customized packaging, serving the needs of a variety of industries across the country.

At Custom Boxes Lab, our mission is to provide unmatched custom packaging services for a wide range of industries, from apparel and food to cosmetics and CBD products. By providing specialized packaging solutions, we not only empower businesses to protect and preserve their products but also create an unforgettable brand that attracts customers and drives growth.

Our extensive portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of custom boxes for a range of industries, such as;

Apparel Boxes

Custom Boxes Lab specializes in creating high-quality apparel boxes that cater to the fashion industry’s unique demands, ensuring that clothing items are not only protected but also presented in an enticing manner.

Bakery Boxes

Our bakery boxes are designed to keep your sweet treats fresh and appealing. We offer various shapes and sizes, making them perfect for bakeries and patisseries.

Cardboard Boxes

Custom Boxes Lab manufactures robust and eco-friendly cardboard boxes that are ideal for shipping and storage, offering maximum protection to your products.

CBD Boxes

In the booming CBD industry, we offer custom packaging solutions that comply with regulations, providing a secure and eye-catching platform for your CBD products.

Cosmetic Boxes

Highlight your cosmetic brand with our stylish and functional custom cosmetic boxes, designed to improve product presentation and brand identity.

Corrugated Boxes

For heavy-duty packaging needs, our corrugated boxes provide unmatched strength and durability, ensuring safe transport and storage of various products.

Candle Boxes

Custom Boxes Lab creates elegant and captivating candle boxes, increasing the aesthetics of your candle products and creating a memorable unboxing experience.

Die Cut Boxes

Our die-cut boxes are precision-engineered to accommodate your unique product shapes and sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Christmas Boxes

Celebrate the holiday season in style with our festive Christmas boxes, perfect for gifting on special occasions.

Display Boxes

Our display boxes are designed to highlight your products, making them perfect for retail and trade shows, effectively grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Food Boxes

Custom Boxes Lab offers custom food packaging solutions that keep your edible products fresh, safe, and visually appealing.

Gift Boxes

Make a lasting impression with our custom gift boxes, designed to add an extra layer of excitement and personalization to your gifts.

Hair Extension Boxes

We provide customized packaging solutions for the hair extension industry, enhancing brand visibility and product protection.

Jewelry Boxes

Our jewelry boxes are crafted with precision to make your valuable jewelry items shine, providing a touch of elegance to your brand.

Kraft Boxes

Environmentally conscious businesses can rely on our eco-friendly Kraft boxes, promoting sustainability while maintaining product integrity.

Mailer Boxes

Our mailer boxes are built for safe and easy shipping, offering a seamless unboxing experience for customers.

Pillow Boxes

These uniquely shaped pillow boxes add charm and creativity to your packaging, making your products stand out.

Rigid Boxes

For premium and luxury products, our rigid boxes provide the sturdiness and sophistication necessary to showcase your items.

Retail Boxes

We offer versatile retail packaging solutions that help brands establish a strong presence on store shelves and in e-commerce.

Soap Boxes

Our soap boxes are designed to protect and present your soaps attractively, improving your brand’s image.

Window Boxes

Window boxes from Custom Boxes Lab offer a sneak peek at your products, making them ideal for showcasing items that benefit from visibility.


As an industry leader, we are committed to providing sustainable and innovative packaging that improves the products we serve, strengthening our position as a cornerstone of custom packaging in the United States.

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